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"When you're left with only a bullet, I'll bring the trigger and a promise to pull it. I'll be the end of everyone who's ever entered your life and taken pieces out of it. I'll give you enough time to regain your composure... to reconstruct a heart that's torn apart from over-exposure. I know forever isn't long enough to forget the faces and places that played out your tragedy."

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J'aime J'adore [Wed/Apr/2011 at 6:29pm]

Join jaimejadore a icon community. Also looking for makers that want to help out. Its girly icons about the summer, beach, tshirt sayings, celeberties, and anything fun! Here are some examples...
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an open fire

[Thu/Feb/2007 at 7:40pm]


Join burnt_kisses, a new community for icons, textures, and much more!
I'm now looking for makers so if you are interested reply Here, but be sure to check the rules before you send!
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stitchy icons [Sun/Mar/2006 at 3:13pm]


A great place for icons, bases, headers, FO banners, and soundtracks for OTP's and other characters.
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[Wed/Feb/2006 at 5:30pm]

title or description

An OTP fandom icon request community
Like a pairing? Make a request
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[Thu/Jan/2006 at 5:06pm]


♥The Latest On Your Favorite Celebs!

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